Linked: A Hacker Group Has Been Framing People for Crimes They Didn’t Commit

It’s easy, though incorrect, to dismiss worrying about hacking on the basis that “I have nothing to hide” so if someone gets our information, it’s not that big of a deal. And, in fact, someone getting your credit card information might not really end up being that big of a deal to you when it’s the credit card company that has to do all the hard work to fix it. For a consumer, it might just be some inconvenience. But the real danger to me has always been the risk of someone manipulating your data and causing issues. Imagine someone hacking the DMV and marking you as someone whose driver’s license has been suspended, or hacking your phone’s GPS, indicating you were somewhere you were not.

Or, a hacker fabricating a plot to overthrow the government:

The most prominent case involving Elephant centers around Maoist activist Rona Wilson and a group of his associates who, in 2018, were arrested by India security services and accused of plotting to overthrow the government. Evidence for the supposed plot—including a word document detailing plans to assassinate the nation’s prime minister, Narendra Modi—was found on Wilson’s laptop. However, later forensic analysis of the device showed that the documents were actually fake and had been planted using malware. According to Sentinel researchers, it was Elephant that put them there.

You can read more at the link below, but this case is actually a few years old now. There is no reason to believe this isn’t already happening in other locations to other targets.

So instead of assuming that even if hackers got your information it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, consider how you will defend yourself when your own devices offer evidence of your guilt, put there by someone who was able to hack into them?

That’s going to involve a lot more than calling the credit card company and disputing charges.

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