Rampiva Releases Baseline – New Free Tool To Measure Workloads in Nuix

This post is a little specific to Nuix users, which I know is not something I’ve been posting for a while now, but I had the opportunity to talk to Bill Potter from Rampiva about a week ahead of the release of their new tool and wanted to share some of that conversation with you.

You can read about Baseline here.

In essence, the idea is to solve an interesting problem that has existed with Nuix Workstation users for years, finding an elegant tool that lets you know just how much work your people and your technology are doing. Nuix has always had some scripts available that would measure how much data was ingested during a given time frame but Baseline really goes a lot further, which is something I found really interesting. Obviously, knowing how much data was ingested across all of your Nuix cases is nice, but can I interest you in reporting around when Nuix is ingesting data, when jobs are started, by whom, and how long they take?

Personally, I can see where this might prove to be really useful. It allows a manager to track how often Nuix is in use processing, versus not, which could help right-size the licensing. It can tell them how often someone on their staff is starting a job after hours, which again helps us understand how often someone is working odd hours or making the case for automation. I’m sure Rampiva would love for more Nuix customers to see the value in automation versus having someone checking in every few hours to start the next job since that is what they do, but this goes so much further, and it’s free.

Again, I can see the business side of it, but one other thing that Bill and I talked about was the potential benefits that this kind of reporting when it comes to burnout and the mental health of our eDiscovery staff. Getting a view into how often the work is interfering with the evening or weekend hours of your staff could potentially help you understand who is at risk of burnout, or it can even tell you who might be uncomfortable using Nuix since they are rarely kicking off processing jobs.

Truth be told, information like this can expose a lot of what risks you might have on your team, and what areas could use some improvements.

Of course, as Bill and I also discussed anything that could provide this much information about not only how much Nuix is being used, but who is doing most of that work, and when might also seem like a bit of micromanagement as well.

I’d argue that the information in a good manager’s hands would be valuable as they seek the best ways to support and grow their team, while also acknowledging that in a bad manager’s hands, it could be used to micromanage the heck out of a team as well. I’d rather see us get rid of ban management than not make use of good information. 😉

If you’re a heavy Nuix user and want to take a look, you can get more info in the Rampiva Community.



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