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Lindsey offers some good suggestions and things to keep in mind, but I wanted to quote this one line because it’s really the crux of the issue right now.

“If you don’t share your accomplishments explicitly, others may not realize how much you’re contributing to the team. This is especially true for remote workers.”

I have often been on record as saying that leading a remote team requires over-communication. You simply cannot assume information is being shared or understood if you don’t actively communicate it yourself.

The same goes for tooting your own horn. You simply cannot assume that people you haven’t communicated with directly about your contributions are going to know about them. We like to think that compliments and acknowledgments go beyond the immediate conversations we are having but we can’t assume that.

I also loved that Lindsey suggests keeping a record of the complimentary things people have said about your work. I’ve suggested the same thing in the past for your own benefit on the days when you might doubt yourself, for example. This is another good reason to do it, so you remember the value you bring to the table when it’s time to share those things.

Try it. Keep track of what you do well and where you contribute, and then talk about it when it’s appropriate.

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How to Toot Your Own Horn at Work — And Why That Matters

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