Linked – The Best Employees Stay With Companies That Help Them to Get Better

“Every company needs hardworking, talented employees who can bring something creative and different to the table. Likewise, employees want to be confident their contributions are important and that their employers are investing time and money into their skills and career progression.

High employee turnover increases expenses and decreases workplace morale and productivity. Businesses can’t thrive if their top performers quit, but employees who see potential for growth and feel good about their work are motivated to stay with their companies for the long term.

Investing in a quality professional development program will help retain the positive, motivated and skilled staff vital to an organization’s success.”

This should be obvious. Unfortunately, the day to day practice of employee management doesn’t really seem to understand this. Instead, what we get is shock and surprise that our employees are not engaged, and looking to leave. Too many assume that the current work, the current paycheck, and the current benefits are more than enough, with no attention paid to where the employee is actually going in the future. Good performers want to constantly be challenged, to learn new things and acquire new skills. If you aren’t providing that, all the cafeteria meals and dry cleaning service in the world isn’t gong to help.

Especially since we’re also smart enough to know that you only provide that stuff so that we’ll work longer hours anyway. 😉

The Best Employees Stay With Companies That Help Them to Get Better

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