Linked: Balance Of Power Shifts To Employees In Flex Office Model


“We are going to see a real change as businesses can no longer dictate, ‘Be in the office five days a week, 9 to 5,'” Brady says. “Instead, the strategy will become, ‘How can we get you to come into the office, some of the time, to meet up with your colleagues?’ The balance of power has shifted to the office worker, and how they want to use workspace. Companies and their CRE teams will need to work a lot harder to provide an office ‘service’ rather than dictate the terms of office use.”

I really hope companies get this. That the flexibility of working from anywhere, and creating flexibility in our own lives, is actually a real benefit that will help you attract the best candidates, from anywhere. And, along with that, I hope employees realize they can demand it. They can make decisions about where to work based on things other than money, that a workplace that lets us decide how we want to work, where we want to work, and where we want to live, might be worth a little less money.

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