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Linked: Stay Safe! How to Prevent Your Devices From Auto-Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks

If you travel around, and I know plenty of you do, it would behoove you to follow the advice in the article below. When you’re device is set to auto-connect to even just known networks, you may find yourself connecting to a Starbucks network, or hotel network that isn’t actually that network, but rather someone sitting with a rouge AP creating one with the common network names we connect to on the regular.

Then they just sit back and capture all the traffic between your phone and the internet, without you having done anything but walk in to the area. All the automatic checks for new emails, social media notifications, etc. are happening without you, and they are logging those passwords for future use.

Then, you pick up your device and actually start using it, giving them even more information.

Don’t do that. Be aware of what networks you are connected to at all times and when in doubt, don’t connect.

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