Linked – Investing in middle managers pays off—literally

According to McKinsey, it appears that having great managers makes a pretty massive difference in a company’s bottom line. Who would have thought?

Of course, great managers don’t just appear:

“However, managers do not wake up and automatically know what great looks like, nor do they learn through osmosis. Instead, managers exhibit these behaviors when multiple factors are present: they have clear expectations, are given targeted training, understand why their actions matter, see inspiring leaders behaving similarly, and have support systems in place such as structure, role design, and rewards.”

Great managers are developed by great managers. If you look around your workplace and don’t see great management, senior leaders might want to look at learning how to be great managers and leading by example. If your workplace, like many others, would be better off with far fewer middle managers, it’s likely because there is too much bad management happening. So much, in fact, that it might be better to not have middle managers at all. What this article theorizes is that it’s not the existence of middle managers that is the problem, it’s that they aren’t good managers.

I suspect there is a serious lack of this happening in many organizations. We know there’s a lack of great management. Who do think should be blamed for that?

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