This Might Sound Familiar

If you saw my presentation at Ignite Columbus a couple of weeks ago, then this might sound familiar.

Information management is the essential starting point for reducing the risk and cost of the discovery process. Organizations that have adopted an information governance strategy that supports requirements driven by both regulatory obligations as well as the needs of the business managers inherently will have an advantage because content has been created, shared and categorized according to its purpose in a business process.

It’s from one of the blog posts recapping Monday’s Keynote at LegalTech. Naturally, Fred Borchardt spoke about it much more eloquently than I could, and from a much more educated legal background than I have, but I think the gist of what I said at Ignite fits:

The whole idea behind EDRM is getting from all that volume of data you have stored all over the place, to just the relevant data you need, and it all starts with Information Management.

I, of course, was not speaking to a legal audience, much more a tech one, but the best way forward is the cooperation of both audiences. Lawyers need technological solutions to records management, and IT folks need legal/compliance direction from counsel. Will they be able to work together?

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