Another Opera Review

Scot Finnie has finished his review of Opera. He comes to a different conclusion than I did . Chalk it up to personal preference, as he doesn’t seem to see the things I don’t like about it as problems. I figure those aren’t his concerns.

Speaking of work, I haven’t posted about it all week for good reason. There’s very little going on around here this week, at least tech-wise. Between people being on vacation for the holidays, or office holiday parties, and other businesses doing pretty much the same thing, it’s a slow week, to say the least. We’re now just a few hours from a nice 4 day weekend, which means there’s very little actual work going on anywhere in the building, pretty typical.

I’ll be traveling to the in-laws tonight, then back to Columbus to see my parents on Christmas Day, so there may not be much blogging going on. I’ll still be connected, but I don’t see myself doing a lot of research into things like MS patches and new software. In the meantime, feel free to leave comments, discuss things amongst yourselves in the comments, email me stuff you think I need to stick up here for others, or you can grab one of the 4 pics that my wife took at the Columbus Zoo’s winter wonderlights. She was using our new little HP digital cam, and these may make nice backgrounds. Two are of the lights, and two are of the manatees, her favorite! Click the thumbnail for the larger photo.

Consider them my little holiday gift to my readers. 🙂 So if you don’t like them, sorry, and don’t worry, I’ll rotate in different pics over time. Maybe eventually we’ll get to something you like. There’s many more pics over at my Geocities page that were taken while traveling and stuff, back before we got the digital cam. Oh and yes, the little pic of me at the top right of the page was taken the same night. I thought it would make do until I got a webcam to put up shots in that space.

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