Windows XP patch

Windows XP patch

This is looking like a pretty serious security issue, and everyone is recommending to get it patched immediately. According to the bulletin, you are vulnerable if you are:

Customers using Microsoft® Windows® ME or XP, or who have installed the Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing client on Windows 98 or 98SE.

Grab that patch! I guess XP isn’t really quite the secure,safe, reliable OS that it was cracked up to be.

While you’re over there, I’m hearing good things about Service Pack 1 for Office XP. I’m not using Office XP so I can’t say anything about it really. Although now that SP1 is out, it’s about time to start looking at it. I usually wait until SP1 on most big software. (not just MS) Let somebody else’s users be guinea pigs, the users here don’t like me enough as it is! *L*

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