I apologize for not getting any updates done, but frankly, I couldn’t. The site was down most of the day Tuesday, and all day yesterday. It finally came back online late last night, restored from backup, I assume because the Monday posts had to be redone. Unfortunately, the ftp login information was changed, without anyone bothering to notify me until this afternoon, so I couldn’t even do that until 2:00PM Thursday.

I don’t know why it was down, there was some mumbo jumbo on their discussion boards about the telephone company circuits and connectivity being lost Tuesday, but no real explanation of why certain sites disappeared, and had to be restored, or why ftp login info was changed. My followup question about that was deleted from the boards because “The discussion boards are not the proper place for complaints”. I assume the server upgrade was part of that, but there was never any notice of that being finished or who was affected by that. It’s all really a mystery, and the lack of communication has me thinking of finding another hosting company. Know any good, cheap alternatives?

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