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So Angela was working a pre-game event on campus today, and one of her bosses had asked me to come along and take photos for their event. Since they allow me to attend for free, and feed me, well, how could I refuse?

BTW, the campus area was as crazy as you’d expect it to be prior to a game of the magnitude of Ohio State/Michigan this year. There were crowds of people all over the area 4-5 hours before kick-off.

Anyway, back to our story. At one point in their event an older, well-dressed, tall, gentleman  and his wife walked up to Angela’s boss and asked if Archie was expected soon. After she explained that it might be a few minutes before Archie got there and he responded that was a shame as he had to go, she asked me to take a picture of her with “John” before he left. I did, and we both walked over to where Angela was stationed at the entrance to the tent, and Angela asked me who that was. I responded that they called him “John”, but didn’t know. Angela, my dear wife, looked me dead in the eye and said “Oh that must have been John Havlicek, I know he was supposed to be here.” I didn’t have time to respond to her because we saw Archie approaching. However, John had already started up the hill from the location of the tent, and seemed to be out of earshot when we yelled for him. Sensing an opportunity, I did what any good photographer would do, I took off running after Mr. Havlicek. I caught up with him and was rewarded thusly.

Archie Griffin with John Havlicek and his wife

Needless to say, after the event I spent some time explaining to Angela why a photo of John Havlicek, his wife, and Archie Griffin was worthy of my running after him, and also making her promise that the next event I work for them, she will give me advanced notice of their “VIP list”!

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