Email Hacked

Apparently, an old Yahoo! email account that I haven’t used in over a year, was accessed by someone to send out emails to everyone in the contact list. Since I had, at some point, imported my LinkedIn contacts to Yahoo!, that turned out to be quite a few people.

My assumption is that my recent usage of that Yahoo! account to login and manage a fantasy hockey team and NCAA basketball brackets was the point where the password was intercepted, or was collected from a link, though I am at a bit of a loss to figure out the exact culprit.

The experience does, however, teach me a couple of things. One, don’t ignore old email accounts. Second, if you aren’t going to delete them, at least clear out the contact lists. There was no reason for me to have contacts listed there, I don’t use that account for anything outside of Yahoo! services.

Anyway, if you got a random email from my yahoo.com address yesterday, I apologize! I have since changed my password, and dumped all the contacts from the address book.

What other advice for web based email services do you have?

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