*Please note the tongue-in-cheek look I have as I write this, it’s just a joke, m’kay?*

Angela caught a glimpse of the TreeBlog a couple of days ago and decided to take a picture of our Christmas tree and send it in, (she’s proud of our little tree, what can I say?) submitted by both of us. It soon appeared right there on the blog, with the words “from Angela and Mike”, where both our names were links to our blogs. That’s fairly cool, or so I thought.

Then, last night upon our arrival home after seeing Tuna Christmas, (which was quite good!) she logs into her computer and starts telling me about all the traffic being generated to her blog from the TreeBlog, and asks me how much traffic they sent my site. At that time, and still as of this morning, not a single visitor has hit this blog from there! I’m assuming that this is because mostly females would be checking out the tree blog to begin with, and they are obviously not interested in reading sites by “icky boys”. (Do you have a better explanation?)

And here I thought we were supposed to be the sexist ones, shame on you women of the blogging world!

*Yes I do realize that saying only women would be at the TreeBlog is just as sexist, read the first line again, m’kay?*

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