Among the many news items coming out of Gnomedex last week, I saw an announcement of a public preview for a new Outlook-based RSS reader, Attensa. So being ever so curious, I downloaded it this weekend. It’s actually not bad. It supports importing OPML, is pretty customizable, allows you to publish items to your blog (although it was limited to Blogger/TypePad-type third-party blogging services), and worked pretty fast, at least on the handful of feeds I loaded into it.

I’m not switching to it, I rely too much on Bloglines keeping my feeds up to date from various computers, but it seems like a pretty viable alternative.

If I do have a complaint, it’s a complaint I have about a ton of programs that I’ve tried out over the years, a bad un-install routine! Un-installing the program didn’t get rid of the feed’s .pst file or subscription data, it left behind a number of folders that I needed to go delete myself, and I still have an option on the Tools menu of Outlook for Attensa that I can’t get rid of! Having to “clean-up” after un-installing software is getting to be a real pet peeve of mine.

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