VMware Fusion

I spent a good part of the Super Bowl setting up a Virtual Machine with Windows vista on the Macbook Pro. The setup was actually pretty easy. The one complaint I had was that even though the easy setup program when you start the VM asked for the Windows Product Key, when I went to Activate Windows, the product key didn’t match. Strange. I was able to activate it by retyping the product key, so it should be no big deal, but I dislike retyping things. 🙂

After that I got the OS updated, put in a few more programs and watched the end of the game. Today, I finished up, getting Summation installed, and after some struggles, finally got the VPN client connected to work. (Note to self, make sure the VM is using Bridged Networking instead of NAT, apparently that matters with the VPN software!)

I really can’t complain, I’m loving running Windows and OSX at the same time. I love being able to explore Leopard and learn about using it, while still having access to the Windows stuff I need. Just plain awesome!

Updated: One other thing, when I put the VM in Unity view, where the Windows Start button sat down alongside the OS X Dock, and I could launch programs from either place, and each program I opened in Windows minimized to the dock as a separate window, it blew my mind a little. But in a good way.

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