The "Missing" Evernote Feature that Isn’t

Ever since I downloaded the beta of the new Evernote, I’ve thought there was one feature that would really make this more useful. While, I certainly understand the convenience of automatically syncing notes between the offline and online versions of the product (Giving me the best of OneNote and Google Notebook? Maybe..), my professional life does not take well to keeping some notes stored in the cloud. Kept private (which all of my notes are, if I want you to see them, I blog them) or not there are some work details that I simply cannot, and will not, store online.

As I poked around the Preferences for Evernote on my Macbook though, I saw only two options, sync your notebooks, or turn syncing off. I wanted to be able to sync some notes, but not others and didn’t really see an option for that.

Lo and behold, yesterday at the start of Podcamp Ohio, I created a new notebook for my notes, and was presented with a question about whether I wanted this new notebook to be shared with the web service, or kept local. D’oh!

So, it is there, I just hadn’t seen it until now. (Was it always there when creating a new notebook or has it been changed recently? I don’t remember seeing it way back when I first started poking around.)

Still, it would be nice to be able to change my mind, taking a local notebook and syncing it, or a synched notebook and making it local, instead of only being given the option one time, when I create it. But it’s better than not having the option to keep some things local at all.

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