Vista SP1, so far no news is good news

Oddly enough, while the Vista virtual machine on my Macbook prompted me to get SP1 Tuesday, my actual Vista desktop still doesn’t see it as an available update. What’s up with that? (I’m assuming it was the fact that my laptop saw it while connected to another network, my home roadrunner network seems to not see it.)

Well, as it turns out that fit pretty well with my plan anyway, go ahead and do the update on the VM and see how it goes for a few days, then do it on my desktop. Other than the length of time it took to install, it hasn’t really created any noticeable problems or performance hits on the VM, even with a few programs running on both it and on the host OS X. Of course, that VM never really had any problems either, at least not that I’ve seen in the short time I’ve had it running, so I can’t say that there’s much for me to go on with that.

Then again, isn’t that the point of a stability update like SP1? To make it so you don’t really notice your OS? I haven’t really noticed anything about Vista running in the VM since then, so that’s a good thing, right?

Anyway, so far so good. I’ve even reached the point where I’ll go ahead and allow the update when my desktop sees it, whenever that will be!

Update: Upon further review, I think I know why I can’t get it through Windows Update, the same reason Preston Gralla couldn’t get it on his Dell.

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  1. Not seeing the update here either and I am also on Roadrunner. Seeing other small updates i.e. Defender, though.

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