Weird SpamBayes Problem

I noticed the other day, just before I was getting ready to leave town, that every time I opened Outlook at home, instead of having all my junk mail marked as junk, suddenly more of it was showing up in the inbox, and what didn’t show up there always wound up in Junk Suspects as opposed to Junk Email. It seemed as if SpamBayes had somehow lost all of it’s memory about what was spam and just wasn’t sure about anything anymore.

Finally, last night I had enough. I went in and had SpamBayes redo it’s training. I pointed it to the Junk Email folder and said “learn what is spam!”. (Literally, I said that out loud, I do that sometimes, don’t you? Hello? Bueller?)

Tonight, when I opened Outlook, things seem to be back to normal again. I wonder what happened to cause it to lose it’s training like that?

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