One session I missed at Techshow

As much as I wanted to attend the session “A Real World EDD Motion Hearing”, it ran concurrent with the CT Summation demo, in which I had hoped to get another look at iBlaze 2.9 and Discovery Cracker. Luckily for me, I found where Mazyar Hedayat at TechoLawyer Blog had posted some very detailed notes on that session.

Reading them makes me almost feel like I was there, so it’s nice that Mazyar and I hit some different sessions, at least for me.

Also, he has some good notes from the session “The Mobile Office: Take your Desktop in Your Pocket”, another one I missed out on.

Yes, there was quite a few really good sessions this year, more than one person could possibly attend! That’s why I succumbed to live-blogging, as a way to help communicate what was going on in the sessions I was in. Hopefully my live notes were close to as helpful as Mazyar’s are!

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