Anonymous Tweets, Treasure Trove of Language Analysis and Location Sharing

Stuff and ThingsAlso known as random stuff I found interesting recently.

Whisperly let’s you anonymously tweet. Just send a DM to the Whisperly account, and it’ll get tweeted out anonymously. I suppose you could have fun with it, proclaim your secret admiration for someone, or you could just plain be mean. Like anything, it’s up to the users. I can’t help but assume that the DM messages, would mean that there would definitely be some accountability built in. Whisperly, and Twitter, would still know who sent the DM, right?

Almost the entire collection of Reddit comments, 1.65 billion of them, are available in an archive. – I know those of us working in the eDiscovery space how long desired something other than the Enron dataset to use for training, demonstrations, testing, etc. I do not think this is that, it’s not really comparable to typical eDiscovery datasets. However, I could see some language algorithms used in predictive coding, contextual searching, etc. making good use of this much text, especially communication between users, being available.

Glympse, which I had not heard about until I saw a mention of Dave Winer being a fan on Doc Searls blog, is a service that lets you share real-time location information with just specific people for a set period of time. Giving them a glimpse, if you will of your whereabouts. That’s a really interesting idea, could it be used in place of texting while driving to let someone know you’re stuck in traffic or running late? I could see that. I could see myself using it in some situations, driving home from the airport in Portland, for example, which is always a mystery in terms of how much traffic you’ll get into. I’m looking forward to testing it out soon!

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