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Linked – Filling the Recruiting Gap With Growth and Development

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about layoffs around here, but we have to take a minute to discuss the other thing that, ironically, is coming up over and over again, a talent shortage. Obviously, you can read about the shortage of cybersecurity talent, eDiscovery talent and the struggle to find candidates across a variety of industries.

If your organization finds itself in that situation, this is for you:

“Focusing on growth and development ensures employees are capable of doing the tasks at hand and prepared to take on greater challenges and opportunities in the future. The more challenging it is to find ready-made performers, the more crucial it is for TD professionals to step in to grow and develop them. “

This is true. If you’re struggling to find new hires, you need to grow the people you have to take on more, and you don’t grow them without a plan on how to do that.

It would help if you had a talent development plan. Without it, you’ll find increasingly essential roles in your organization with no one to do the work.

That doesn’t seem like a good situation.


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