Linked – Why is managing in the hybrid world so hard?

I completely agree with this assessment of how we’ve defined “management” in the past:

“Historically, corporate America’s approach to management has been:

  • Push management as the only track for career growth
  • Promote top individual contributors to manage
  • Provide little to no training

But, when the world went remote the issues with this approach were put on full display…”

The history was never good. The results were never ideal, but they could be partially overcome by measuring hours spent in the office, seeing more senior folks mentoring junior ones, etc. Remote and hybrid work forces us all to devise better ways to measure our people.

Sadly there are far too many people in management who are incapable of that, and it’s not always their fault. No one prepared them for this. No one has worked to find better solutions.

They exist, but how would they know if we didn’t tell people and educate them?

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