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Linked: What to say to your boss if you’re struggling at work during COVID-19

Frankly, I think this describes a lot of people right now. The stress of life right now is enough to deal with, and having that much uncertainty will absolutely affect getting work done. Frankly, it should affect getting work done, because it’s more important in most cases, so these are good questions, and this is a good piece to go read to get some answers.

“If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. At least, not according to the Pew Research Center, which found that 73% of Americans are feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge at least one to two days a week. Sixty percent of respondents said they’re having trouble sleeping, and 48% have struggled with feelings of depression.


But knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to deal with. Especially if you’re still trying to work. Research has found that symptoms of depression, for example, can negatively impact work performance and cognitive ability. And stress can impair memory and judgment.

You may feel lucky to still have a job at all right now. But if your mental health has been impacted by the current crisis, you could be struggling to focus and get your job done. If that’s the case, what can you do? Who should you talk to? And what should you say?”

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