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Linked – Could Regular Interviews Help Law Firms Retain Valuable Staff?

This couldn’t hurt!

“The article is based on a book co-authored by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans. In Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss, the authors suggested that interviewing “star employees” on a regular basis can help companies identify and then work to resolve issues that are standing in the way of success for these employees. The article also suggests some questions that might be part of such interviews, such as “What do you want to learn in the next year?”

Although the book is intended for business managers in general, the strategy would find a valuable place in the toolkits of law firms that are determined to keep their best and brightest lawyers and support staff working for them – rather than looking for greener fields with the competition.”

I agree, I think this is especially interesting for law firms and standout support staff, because the lawyer/non-lawyer stigma that usually exists in this industry makes it very difficult for any staff to truly have a voice in law firm management, even very bright people with very bright ideas. Having a standard interview process like this would provide a real opportunity to unearth those.


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