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Linked – Report: Ban on laptops in planes may expand to Europe

“The CBS report cites unnamed sources close to the DHS, who say the ban on larger devices could be expanded to flights departing for the US from Europe and perhaps the UK. Government officials “have been meeting with US airlines on a nearly weekly basis,” and a decision could come within the next few weeks.



Neither the DHS nor the Transportation Security Administration would confirm the report.



The ban applies to tablets, laptops, e-readers, cameras, and portable DVD players, among other electronics. Cell phones and medical devices are exempt from the ban.”

When the first ban was announced I said if you’re going to ban them from some airports, eventually you’re going to have to ban them from all, it made no sense.

This will truly be the end of business travel as we know it, and the end of travel photography using more than a smartphone. Any of those type of activities will require shipping electronics overseas, or renting them. Which brings it’s own problems in terms of data security.

This will be a nightmare.


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