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Linked – Why so many companies get training wrong

Sadly, this is all too true:

“Many programmes don’t actually improve skills, says Nanette Miner, founder of the Training Doctor, a company in the US state of South Carolina that designs training programmes. Why? Most are too generic, too basic and too boring, she says.
The misguided one-size-fits-all approach comes from companies training everyone, in every department, in the hope they will feel equipped to try new things, adds Alan Middleton, a marketing professor at Toronto’s York University. “There’s not enough attention given to what objectives the company wants to accomplish and the current level of knowledge and skill of those who are going to be trained.””

I’ve seen it far too often, training classes designed to teach “the basics” with the thought that once the students know the basics, they can go back and apply it to their jobs, when it is so much more effective to start at the end.

Start with what do they do and how do they do it, and figure out how to help them accomplish that with the tools you want them trained to use, and allow for discussion of various ways to use features to actually improve the way they work.

Generic classes that focus only on the features and not what the students are doing in their jobs, will always fall into the description above.


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