Linked: LastPass to Limit Usage of Free Version

John Simek sums up the news pretty succinctly:

“Effective March 16th, users will have to choose an active device to use with the free version. In other words, users have to pick whether they will use a computer or a mobile device for LastPass but not both. If you want to use LastPass on two different types of devices, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid versions.”

Full disclosure. I am a paid customer of LastPass. I have been for a number of years now. Why? Because this is one piece of technology that is worth paying for. There may be some other options out there that give you what you want for free, and there are, obviously, other paid solutions out there as well.

Let me give you an example, when I used to travel for work often, I didn’t always know what device I would be on when I needed one of my passwords. I might be on my laptop, I might be running across the airport using my phone, or sitting on an airplane using a tablet. My wife might need to access one of my accounts while I was gone, as well.

A paid password manager allowed for all of this. Now that I don’t travel though? I still rely on it, and I still take heart knowing that my wife could, if something happened to me, get to any of my accounts as needed with just the one password she has to the vault.

There’s a lot of value in that.

So, what are you using to manage your passwords?


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