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I think, in the legal space, we haven’t spent enough time talking about this:

“The pandemic hasn’t just disrupted your company, but also the lives of your customers. Before you can make choices about how to design your own work, you need to step back and consider if and how the way you serve your markets must now shift. Will your customers buy your product or service differently?”

The reason that I say this is because not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone talking about “getting back” to onsite visits with clients, and doing training, or even CLEs in person again, without taking a moment to consider whether that is even feasible for the client.

For example, on the training side, yes many folks miss the in-person workshops or training classes that a software or legal tech company would provide, but how many of us in that space have considered how difficult/expensive it might be for the client to gather their people into one location for that time?

If they’ve made the switch to remote they may now expand their hiring area, and maybe even lessened their office footprint. Do they still have the ability to get all of the relevant people into a space to do this in person? Should we now expect that many, if not most, of our clients are going to want this to remain a remote session? And if so, should we be planning on this being our permanent product and making plans accordingly?

I’m not so sure that enough people are considering this. I think many of us are just waiting to get back to normal, without considering that there are many other folks, who never want to go back to that.

If you’re customers and clients fall in that latter category, do you have a plan to continue working with them?


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