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“A little over a year ago, Microsoft bought beloved calendar app Sunrise. For the past 14 months or so, things have been more or less business as usual… at least for customers. But this week, the other shoe finally dropped: August 31st will be the last day that Sunrise exists as a standalone app. Sure, you could use Outlook, which by now shares some of the same DNA, but it’ll never be the same. Indeed, some of us here at Engadget are pretty heartbroken about it. Which got us thinking about all of the other apps and services that we loved and relied on that ended up being unceremoniously shuttered.”

Man, some of the things listed here, especially Google Reader, were things I came to depend on that I’ve had to learn to live without. I know at some point I’m going to have to learn without some other tools that I use because they are no longer being updated and eventually won’t work, or will become insecure. So I will be adding to the list of technology that I miss, sadly.

What tech do you miss? What tech do you expect to not be here much longer?

Everything you love will die, especially in tech

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