Linked – More Mobile Users Getting News via Social Networks (Report)

Image by Witer
Image by Witer

“According to Nielsen, mobile news seekers dedicate almost 5 percent of their monthly mobile time, or more than two hours, to news, but time spent directly on news apps and sites has declined in favor of social networks, with one-half of social network users spending time on news and 70 percent of Facebook users accessing news via the social network daily.Social media users depend on friends, contacts and accounts they follow as trusted news sources, as Nielsen found that 71 percent of mobile Facebook users and 62 percent of mobile Twitter users receive news via friends and contacts, with those figures at 65 percent and 71 percent, respectively, for accounts they follow.”

1. This is why it’s so important that we understand what the algorithms are deciding we should be shown. It would be easy for FB and Twitter if it really is moving away from the chronological timeline to decide what “news” you should see.

2. Is it any wonder that people are becoming more polarized? We only get our news from people who are likely to be like us, think like us, and hare new stories that signal their “likeness” to their social group. You aren’t going to get challenged by a lot of new ideas and information if you get your news from your circle of friends. It only contributes to the feeling that people who have different opinions are simply the “other”, which is never a good thing.

More Mobile Users Getting News via Social Networks (Report) | SocialTimes

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