Remote Desktop Connection with Dual Monitors

It’s been around for awhile now, but I never knew about it. This approach does work, but it’s clunky, and I would imagine, cumbersome to support. Still, one of the biggest complaints I get from users trying to use Remote Desktop to review documents in Summation is the fact that they have to limit themselves to one monitor. Doc review is, without question, more efficient with two. Could I get these instructions into something an attorney could actually use? Good question.

Anyone else found a solution for stretching a remote desktop connection across two monitors that is easy on the end user? Leave a suggestion!

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  1. it's not that difficult to just use /span as an addition to the command line? The downside seems to be that this is a lucky guess as to how the screens will be displayed.

    What I haven't worked out is how to set the tsgateway settings in remote desktop connections – As I now have sbs2008 clients I can remote directly to the desktops using tsgateway but not from a command line 🙁

  2. The trouble isn't me using it as much as it's having attorney's use it, when I don't control their desktop configuration ahead of time, and don't always know exactly how it will display. Plus, when you use span, and maximize a window, it displays across both screens, that's going to mess people up. lol

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