Goodbye LogMeIn Free

Saw the news over on Lifehacker that LogMeIn free is going away in 7, yes seven, days!

Not a lot of time to consider your options there, but luckily, the post and comments over there have you covered with suggestions for replacements. Looks like Teamviewer and Google Chrome Remote Desktop are leading the charge currently.

For myself, we have a paid LogMeIn account for work that I use with all of my work machines, so no worry there. But I always like to keep my eye on what’s happening with this sort of solution. Never know when I might need it for personal use.

If you’ve used LogMeIn free, what are your plans?

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  1. Like you, I have LogMeIn Central for my private consulting business and also an account for my day-job. But they changed Central to tiered pricing also. Once you go over 100 agents, it costs $300 more. I have 96 agents so we’re likely going to switch to something else. Given their mode of taking away/restricting the “free” products, I don’t trust them not to come back later this year and say, Thanks for Central payers, but all your agents need to be Pro now as well. I also have a ScreenConnect license for my consulting business and am VERY happy with that. For myself, I’ll be cancelling my Central account and using that $199 to pay for a 2nd ScreenConnect session license. Another similar service is and they look very easy to work with and priced right as well.

    1. Cool, I have to admit I hadn’t known about those services, but I’ll keep them noted for future reference, if need be! Never know when I might be working for myself, on the side, whatever, doing support.

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