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Linked – This Is How To Be a Better Communicator Online and Off, According to a Conversation Expert

There’s a lot in this article that I found interesting, especially for us introverts, but this one sort of took my brain in a different direction.

4. Tech gives us license to throw social boundaries out the window
I asked Headlee what’s changed in conversation today versus a few decades ago. She summed it up perfectly: “One of the biggest changes is that people tend to trample social boundaries now.” This can range from sending unsolicited pictures to contacting people at all hours of the day and night. Technology “encourages people to text or email at times that we never would have dreamed of calling on the phone,” she wrote.

The technology that has allowed us to trample all over social boundaries, stretches across the workplace too. Lots of those emails and other communications that come in at all hours, are coming from coworkers and bosses. I think managers and employers should maybe take a minute and think about how trampling these boundaries affect the employee/employer relationship.

And we should all maybe spend a minute thinking about how much trampling we are willing to accept.

Like I said, though, beyond that, there’s also a lot to think about when it comes to connecting through conversation, and how those connections can help us build our networks that make the article worth reading.

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