Linked: Half of workers say they will only apply for hybrid or working from home jobs

Some interesting numbers out of Ireland, that seem to fall in line with what I’ve been hearing about other countries as well. For example, workers want flexibility.

More than half (56pc) of Irish workers say that in the future they will only consider jobs that offer flexible working, or allow them to quit the office forever, according to research from recruitment company Indeed.

The article below also talks about a couple of other interesting things. Yes, more and more workers want to work from home at least part of the time, some all of the time. But, beyond that, what they are looking for has changed. They are looking at what health and safety protocols employers have in place, possibly to determine how much you are looking to take care of your employees?

They also aren’t really looking for new jobs either, but they might consider it. To get them to consider it is going to cost you though.

It’s almost as if a number of Irish workers are now comfortable with the level of flexibility they have right now and have figured out how to balance work with the needs of their family and personal lives. So, if you want them to move elsewhere, they are expecting a significant bump in pay to make that move.

I think that makes sense, and it might fit for a lot of US workers too. I know in the eDiscovery industry we are seeing more desire for flexibility, and salaries going up pretty significantly. Though we aren’t seeing the same level of disinterest in looking for a new role. Does that suggest that fewer workers in our industry have found what they are looking for in terms of flexibility and money? Or do they see the reality of changing jobs for a 15-25% pay increase versus what they’d get by staying?

That’s an interesting thing to think about. Do you know how your employees feel about that? Do you know what they want to stay? What will entice them to leave?

Maybe you should.

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