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Linked: How a Password Manager Protects You From Phishing Scams

This is a fairly simple way to protect yourself.

“If you save a login for a website like or, your password manager will remember it and offer to automatically fill it in for you when you’re on or If you end up on a different website, your password manager won’t offer to enter your credentials—after all, you’re on a different website. Your password manager doesn’t fall for the disguised URL.


This protection isn’t fancy, and you won’t see a big red “warning” message pop up. But you will quickly notice that wait a minute; your password manager isn’t offering to sign you in on this website. Why is that? Once you’ve noticed something is amiss, you might quickly discover you’re not on the website you thought you were on.”

If you’re using a password manager like the ones mentioned in the article below, and it is not showing you any saved credentials, stop and consider typing in the home page instead of remaining where you are. That link may not have taken you where you wanted to go.

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