Google Calendar Sync Going Away Today

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Well, Google announced the end of life for their own product to sync between Outlook and Google Calendar awhile ago, After uninstalling it, I went back to using the free version of gSync-it for the time being, but I now realize that Nov. 17th is the drop dead date for the version that I have installed now.

Guess I will have to spend some time this week seeking out a replacement, or pony up the money for the paid version of gsync-it.

One place I noticed today that may help me out is a project called Outlook Google Calendar Sync, which I picked up from a tip at Slipstick Outlook and Exchange Tips. Might be worth checking out.

Anyone else out there stuck using Outlook for their work calendaring needs but want to be able to sync up with Google for other things? How are you handling it?

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  1. I opted to stop using Google Calendar — too many privacy concerns and hacking (yes, even with two step verification). So now I directly sync my phone with Outlook using Akruto (

  2. Good grief Mike – couldn’t you have given us more notice? 😉
    I get round it on the deskto pby having outlook subscribe to my google calendar rss feed so it always shows my data from both the office and google calendar which in 2010+ allows you to superimpose the two on top of each other
    Outlook is only used for my corporate email so I use for email so it’s not difficult to switch across to the web interface if I need to add a new calendar entry. Alternatively a cell phone with both work and personal email (although that has litigation issues!) allows you to see both calendars at the same time.

    1. Yeah I only noticed the date when I went to find a link to gSync-It to include in my original post about the new sync tool I saw on Slipstick. Then the post took on a whole new meaning! The problem I have is that we use Google Apps for our email/calendar, and I use Gmail for my personal email/calendar, but my coworkers send me Outlook invites which get tossed onto the Outlook calendar. What I want is all of my stuff on one calendar that I can share with my wife so she can track where I am going and when, and be able to post to it, but my work calendar doesn’t allow for that, so I need everything to exist on my personal calendar. So far, the easiest way to do that has been through Outlook sync.

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