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Linked – Why RSS Still Beats Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News

I still use Feedly to follow RSS feed, because I know that I’m going to get everything I want to see. No social media company is going to decide for me, and no social media company is keeping track of what I click on or don’t click on.

One of the main reasons RSS is so beloved of news gatherers is that it catches everything a site publishes—not just the articles that have proved popular with other users, not just the articles from today, not just the articles that happened to be tweeted out while you were actually staring at Twitter. Everything.

In our age of information overload that might seem like a bad idea, but RSS also cuts out everything you don’t want to hear about. You’re in full control of what’s in your feed and what isn’t, so you don’t get friends and colleagues throwing links into your feeds that you’ve got no interest in reading.

That’s why, as much as I understand that people follow this site on Twitter and/or Facebook, and make the posts available in those places, I’m always going to have an RSS feed too. Because if you truly want to follow this blog, or any of my other blogs. I want you to be able to do it regardless of what the social networks decide to do with it.


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