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A little more than a week ago, I wanted everything:

…Twitku, which is a site that allows you to keep up with your contacts on both and Jaiku, and post to either, or both, in one place. It’s a pretty handy service, and a site I generally keep open when I’m sitting at my desk, but it’d be even nicer if they had a interface that I could use with my . I know, I know, I want everything. 🙂

Today, when I logged in to Twitku today I saw “MOBILE TwitKu. Now available at”

Now what shall I ask for next? 😉

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  1. glas
    | Reply

    Let me know how it works on your BB. I’m glas, the twitku dev, twitter or jaiku.

  2. Mike McBride
    | Reply

    It does seem to work pretty well. The one complaint I have, and I don’t think this is anything on your end, is that the blackberry sometimes does a horrible job of keeping you logged into any website, and getting the Jaiku API key is a royal pain if you don’t happen to have a PC handy to do it with! 🙂

    Other than that, given the limitations of the BB screen, it’s not bad.

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