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Awhile back, I linked to the Power of Together thing that Microsoft was doing, where you could get a free copy of Office 2007 and/or Vista in exchange for watching some videos and web demo’s. I got my Product Key for Office 2007 in the mail today, so naturally I was off to download it. There was one odd thing I ran into, the release version will not install if any of the beta products are still installed, including OneNote. So even though the Pro version of Office doesn’t include Onenote, it won’t install until you uninstall the beta of OneNote 2007, which I did. But the release of Onenote isn’t available yet, so I had to download a 60-day trial and install that after I got done with the Office Pro install.

Anyway, after all of that, I do believe everything is running properly on my laptop again, and I’m looking forward to buying OneNote when it’s available, and then continuing to use the 2007 products going forward.

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