If It’s Too Important To Miss, Don’t Trust Facebook

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the various diatribes about Facebook showing page owners how little of their audience even sees new posts and how they can pay to improve that number, albeit even after “promoting” a status, it doesn’t improve much!

In response, on one of my pages, I went ahead and posted the following status update:

As you may be aware, Facebook isn’t necessarily showing you everything from pages you’ve “liked” that’s being posted to their walls. This is an example of why I’ve always maintained my own website, so that I can always publish to the same place without worrying about the vagaries of social networks policies. Given that, if you’re not seeing updates here, and want to be sure you see most of what is being published and shared via the site, you can either visit the site on a regular basis, or subscribe to our RSS feeds in something like Google Reader. (Or you can check the links on the top of the right-hand column on each blog to subscribe via email as well!)

Seriously folks, if there’s a blog, news source etc. that you want to make sure and get all the information from, subscribe to their actual site and quit relying on Facebook to pass along all the information. Obviously, you’re not getting everything. Likewise, if you have a FB page, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Always have your own home base, and always make it easy for folks to keep up with you from there. Yes, it’s great to have a presence on the larger social networks, and I certainly do, but always have your bases covered with RSS and emails subscriptions as well. That way when one network or another is unavailable, or just being a pain, your followers don’t just forget you exist. They can go to your direct feeds and keep up with the flow.

For the record, you can follow this site, and myself, in lots of ways, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, RSS, and email.

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