What time is it?

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Ha, I got a comment about being up late on that last post. Turns out that I’m on a different time zone than my blog. *L* My blog is still running on Eastern time, but I’m currently in the Mountain Time zone, so while it said I made that post at 2:31AM, it was actually 12:31 here, and was the last thing I did before heading to bed, so it wasn’t as late as it appears…

of which, it’s a little after 8AM here and I will be heading out shortly, moving on from Billings, Montana to Cheyenne, Wyoming as I start to make my way home. I’ve had a wonderful trip and saw some amazing sites. I’m afraid the pictures still don’t do it justice, they don’t convey the sense of awe you get being in these places, and seeing how truly small they make you feel. It’s very overwhelming, I highly recommend experiencing it in person. Even my words won’t accurately describe it…

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