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I saw this post on Lifehacker today, which is a great site for finding tools and ideas to simplify your life. It was titled “Automatically Download and Install your Favorite Software”, which got my attention.

They’re talking about InstallPad, a tool that will allow you to set a list of software and will go out download those applications and install them while you go on about your life. This could be very useful in setting up a new machine, or in setting up security apps on a machine you’re cleaning up for someone. For example, I could have had Ad-Aware, AVG, etc. in an InstallPad list, and this tool could have grabbed those and installed them while I watched TV or something equally productive like that. *L*

Anyhow, I think I’m going to grab this and give it a go the next time I’m setting up a new machine or something like that. It could proof helpful!

Speaking of helpful tools, I posted over on the Friends in Tech blog about the Vmware Converter Beta, which also seems like it could be a very exciting tool!

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