Random questions

Just some things I have questions about, that I’m hoping maybe some of my readers might have some information on. Warning, some of them may be obvious, I’m just having trouble finding the obvious solution!

– Why does Gmail sometimes take two attachments that I send with an email and mash them into one DAT file, while at other times, it sends both just fine? Is there something I can do to prevent that?

– Is there an easy way to rotate Apache access logs running Uniform Server on a Windows box? Every way I’ve found thus far has failed to actually rotate them.

– Speaking of access logs, should I be too disappointed that a week after launching the intranet site there are still a handful of people who have never even looked at it? Am I just going to have to wait for the day they miss out on some information that’s been posted there for them to finally look at it, or do you have any suggestions? If one of those people mentioned it to you in conversation, would you point out that you knew they hadn’t even looked at it or just ignore it?

– Does anyone know, for sure, that the upgrade version of Photoshop CS2 will upgrade from “any” previous version, as the documentation says? My gut tells me upgrading from version 5 to CS2 is not going to be allowed, that you’d need to have a newer version, but it does say “any previous version”, right? Has anyone done this? I need someone to ease my mind about this before we make the purchase.

That’s all for now, enjoy your weekend, I’m going to be living the bachelor life, (Angela’s going to visit her folks) and spending much time at the Dublin Irish Festival!

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