Busy Monday

Already this morning I’ve sat through a staff meeting, helped unload stuff from last week’s event, which included hooking a printer back up that had been out there, checked the weekend backups, and read through my emails. Still to do are some accounting reports, an update to our website database, a conference call with a vendor at 2, and a meeting with my boss sometime today to review some projects and other things. How’s your Monday going?

Had a good weekend though, spent Saturday up visiting Angela’s brother, and spent yesterday being a total football couch potato! I don’t usually get but 2-3 Sundays to do that, so it’s nice every once in awhile. I don’t think I’d even want to do it every week though!

BTW, yesterday I realized that I’m 35 now (I have been for 2 months, but this just now hit me..), so I can run for President. What do you think, do I seem “Presidential” enough for the job? *L*

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