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In response to some of the comments on the post below:

Marc wonders what my platform would be, he suggests “Two PC’s in every house”. I’m thinking more along the lines of “What do I look like, Santa Claus? Get a job and buy your own stuff!”
It’s not exactly the “caring” platform, but you know what? All that caring, compassionate President stuff is crap anyway.

As we discussed last night, Angela, you’d make a fine First Lady, because when you found the intern under my desk, you’d try and throw me out of the White House. The impending Constitutional controversy of how to handle a President actually being thrown out of the White House by his wife would kill in the media. You know how they all love a good Constitutional controversy! We’d be bigger than the Osbournes!

Geek, I’m afraid Angela’s right. While you could, technically, be the VP, if something happened to me, you’d fall under the Kissinger rule.(Kissinger, when he was Secretary of State would have been, 4th or so in line for the Presidency, but being a native-born German, he would have to have been skipped.) Because you’re not a native-born American they’d skip over you and go to the next person on the list to replace the President. So you would get to be Dennis Hastert’s VP (current Speaker of the House) if something happened to me. *L*

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