Why I’m not a web designer

Well there are many reasons why I’m not a professional web designer but this is one of them. I noticed something odd going on with Angela’s template the other night. Her blog had a link which was malformed. There was a missing quote at the end of the URL she was linking to. In IE it, naturally, caused the link not to show up, but other than that everything looked fine. In Mozilla, however, the entire page just never loaded. Why the two completely different behaviors? I don’t know. It was one lousy quote mark, yet I had to go over the entire template with a fine tooth comb to find it, just to get the page to load in Mozilla, even though it worked pretty much OK in IE.

Now since I’m not a professional, if there’s something here that doesn’t work in one certain browser, I can say, too bad! But, if I were a professional, and I was making an ecommerce site, I couldn’t really do that, could I? I’d have to design around all the various ways that IE, Mozilla, Safari, Netscape, etc. handle things. Not only that, but I’d have to design so that those people who have never updated their browsers from IE or Netscape version 3.0 could still use the site. I don’t even have that kind of patience.

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