Summer plans

It looks like, unless something drastically changes over the next three weeks, that the drive to Gnomedex this year will be part of a much larger, and longer, vacation plan. Last year, of course, I drove from Des Moines up to Fargo, ND to visit a friend, and then across to Montana and down into Yellowstone. This year doesn’t look like it’ll be quite as adventurous, but it’ll still be fun, and it’ll still mean a week and a half away from work, while only counting as a week’s vacation, since Gnomedex is officially “on the clock”. 🙂

Anyway, the trip will begin, naturally, with the 10 hour drive from Columbus to Des Moines on Thursday the 24th. After enjoying the conference and all the festivities there I’ll be rousing myself bright and early on Sunday to drive to Denver. Arriving sometime Sunday evening, I’ll be spending a few days in the Denver area, taking in the sights, doing a bit of exploring in the mountains, and, hopefully, spending a little bit of time with my old friend Steve, and perhaps his wife and child as well. I expect to take in the Aquarium, State House and a Coor’s Field tour in Denver itself, with side trips to Pike’s Peak, and probably the Breckenridge area, which is were Steve lives. After those few days there I’ll probably head home along I-70, which is a two-day trip at least! Any other suggestions for things to see on this trip?

Also like last year, I’ll be sure to take lots and lots of pictures!

Now I just have to get through turning 35 and my brother-in-law’s wedding before then! 😉

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