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Spent a lot of time last night trying to find a work-around for her blog. Included in that was creating a new blog and seeing if it would publish to the server, but nothing seemed to work. Finally this morning, during a few moments of down time at work (It’s been a busy morning!) I tried publishing her blog to my host and that worked, finally! So I then simply moved the files from one server to the other and now her blog has the last 2 posts she made on it that never got published. I still don’t understand what Blogger did in the change over that makes it incompatible with her server, I can FTP to it using everything but Blogger, but I can use Blogger to FTP to my server. Makes no sense at all…

Now to make sure her comments work with the longer blog item numbers.

It’s not an elegant solution by any means, and we’ll be seriously looking at other alternatives if Blogger doesn’t figure out what’s going on soon, but it let’s her publish in the mean time.

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