Yeah it probably is flamebait but after Angela’s experience this morning, and a long conversation with our Graphics person at work, (the only Mac machine in the office) I gotta say, Mac OS X has been quite the disappointment. Actually, it’s not OS X so much as it is the “Classic Mac” which is supposed to be available for running older software versions, of which we have many at work. Obviously Angela’s attempt at running Pagemaker 6.5 in Classic Mac was a complete flop on her iMac, and I now understand that our graphics guy can pretty well crash his G4 PowerMac almost at will by daring to actually attempt to close a program running in OS 9.

So I guess OS X is only really a great operating system if you have the $$ to pay out for all new software versions, and the luck to have them all be available, huh? That would seem to make it quite a bit more expensive than it would first appear to be.

I also have to say that after a month of using XP, I’ve had exactly zero problems running old software versions under the “compatibility mode”, and I’ve used quite a few older programs! Imagine that. 🙂

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